The Company

Do you want to Visit Holland, Study English or Having Fun? What about all together?

Holland, English & Fun is a travel agency to attend who wants to visit Holland and live a unique experience in the Dutch Culture – with the option of study English with our Intensive English Lessons.  We are a small business, therefore will take care of each detail of your staying.

Our team

Claudio Silveira – Chemical engineer who has lived in the Netherlands since 2008. He works at the OPCW: an international organization that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, which operates in cooperation with the UN for chemical disarmament of countries. Claudio is an excellent host who loves receiving guests and discovering Holland’s wonders with them once more. One of his favorite sports is tennis. He has adopted the bicycle as a means of transport and will be hosting a few of our guided walks and tours to Amsterdam and Keukenhof. He is the Project Manager of Holland, English & Fun.


Viviane Seixas
– Lives in the Netherlands  since 2008. Librarian, with a postgraduate degree on Methodology of Scientific Work, worked at the University of Anisio Teixeira and Noble University in Feira de Santana- Bahia. Strolling through the woods of the Hague is one of her pleasures. She loves dancing zumba and playing badminton. She is witty and always entertaining, lifting up the spirits of anyone around her.  Viviane is the field coordinator of the  Holland, English & Fun project.




Virginia van Gessel –  From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil she has over two decades of Marketing experience.
Living in Holland since 2011, she loves climbing, abseiling and having fun. Virginia is our Marketing Manager.




Fazia Ally –  She was born and raised in British Guyana and her first language is English, at the age of 18 she moved to the UK for her studies and has been living in The Netherlands since then. Fazia graduated in English from Cambridge University with CELTA qualification. In 2014, she created the FAV, an English and Dutch educational project for closed groups and individuals. In love with teaching English, she also loves exercising, cooking, reading good books and watching good films. Fazia is our main English teacher.